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The 4th District of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) represents over 32,000 active and retired professional fire fighters and emergency medical workers. Comprised of 202 local affiliates from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, the 4th District is one of the largest in the IAFF.


Our International Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. just steps from the White House. Our talented and dedicated staff of over 100 employees provides services and resources to all 325,000 IAFF members across the United States and Canada.

IAFF 4th District Vice-Presidents


Raymond E. Oden (1918-1920)

W. P. Monroe (1920-1926)

Robert J. Cole (1926-1930)

John Heinz  (1930-1934)

John A. Flaherty  (1934-1938)

John P. Coyne  (1938-1954)

Raymond Fogarty (1954-1956)

Charles J. Loesche (1956-1958)

Raymond Fogarty (1958-1968)

Raymond Hemmert (1968-1984)

Russell P. Cerami (1984-1996)

William V. Taylor (1996-2016)

Andrew K. Pantelis (2016-Present)

IAFF 100
4th District 2016 Convention
District 4
Fire Fighter Quarterly - Election Cover-page-001

To learn more about the International Association of Fire Fighters, please visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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